Book-in-process: Contemporary Art on Television

Book-in-process: Femininity, Sports, and Visual Culture, with Emily Witsell

Book-in-process: Edited Collection on Hallmark Channel, with Emily Witsell, under contract with McFarland Press.

Female Body Image in Contemporary Art: Dieting, Eating Disorders, Self-Harm, and Fatness, Routledge, 2018.

ABC Family to Freeform TV: Essays on the Millennial-Focused Network and its Programs. Co-editor with Emily Witsell, McFarland Press, 2018. More information here.

The Lifetime Network: Essays on “Television for Women” in the 21st Century. Co-editor with Emily Witsell, McFarland Press, 2016. More information here.

Contributor and Editor of Deep in the Heart: Patrick Dougherty, on occasion of the 2015 installation project at Texas A&M University-Commerce, (Commerce, TX: Texas A&M University - Commerce, 2015), available here.

Journal Articles

“Fashionable Flesh: Meat as Clothing,” Fashion, Style & Popular Culture 4, no. 1 (January 2017): 105-120, available here.

 “From That Girl to Girls: Rethinking Ann Marie/Marlo Thomas as a Feminist Icon” The Journal of American Culture 39, no. 3 (September 2016): 285-297, available here.

“Illustrating Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy: Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice," in Journal of Illustration, 1, no 2 (October 2014): 233-256, available here.

“‘It’s Not Okay”: FX’s Starved and Eating Disorders as Entertainment” in The Communication Review, special issue on Alternative Visions in Media edited by Kylo-Patrick Hart, 7, no 2 (2014): 233-244, available here.


Book Chapters

“The Challenge of Dieting for the Sake of Art,” in American Shame: Stigma and the Body Politic, edited by Myra Mendible. (Bloomington, IN: Indiana University Press, 2016): 251-273.

“Confronting Art About Rape” in Exploring Bodies in Time and Space, edited by Loyola McLean, Lisa Stafford, and Mark Weeks (Freeland, UK: ID Press, 2014). Available here.

"LOVE at 55th and 6th Avenue," in Art and the Artist in Society, edited by José Jiménez-Justiniano & Elsa Luciano, (Newcastle upon Tyne: Cambridge Scholars, 2013). Available here.



Interviewed by Hazel Cillis, for “Why Is It So Hard to Make a Movie About Eating Disorders?”, The Muse at Jezbel, July 14, 2015, here.

Interviewed by Julie Wosk, for “The New Curvy Barbie Dolls: What They Tell Us About Being Overweight,” HuffPost Women, February 12, 2016, here.

Interviewed by Adriene Hill, for “How Do You Parody a Parody?” Marketplace radio and web story, June 4, 2015, available here.


Reviews and Shorter Publications

Review: “Refocus: The Films Of Amy Heckerling Ed. Frances Smith and Timothy Shary. Edinburgh University Press, 2016" Journal of Popular Film and Television46, no. 2 (2018). 

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Entries for Dinner Party Database, Elizabeth A. Sackler Center For Feminist Art, accessible at the Brooklyn Museum and online.



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